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from the collection of hans öström (1865-1949)

Hans Öström (1879-1964) graduated as an engineer in 1903 and continued his studies in Zürich. In 1905 he was employed by the Swedish company Asea. The following year, he moved to Yonkers, New York, and worked for Otis Elevator Co. 1906-1909.

When returning to Sweden he worked for Sigge Björck Art dealer and Auctioneer, Stockholm and went on to start his own company dealing in Oriental art and antiques. He became a well respected authority on Chinese porcelain, supplying objects to the Far Eastern Museum of Antiquities in Stockholm, the National museum and the Museum of Ethnography among others. 

A number of the members of the illustrious ’Kinaklubben’ (China Club) in the 1920s and 1930s, such as the Swedish king Gustaf VI Adolf, Carl Kempe, Richard Hultmark and Anders Hellström acquired Chinese objects from Hans Öström, himself a member. So did his close relative Edith Lindahl (1884-1961) and this collection has been passed on in her family ever since.

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