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Alexei Petrovich Bogoliubov (Russia 1824‑1896)

A Tatar Village in Alushta

To be sold at Uppsala Auktionskammare’s Important Sale: Classic & Asian 15-18 June 2021

Lot 853 Alexei Petrovich Bogoliubov (Russia 1824‑1896). A Tatar Village in Alushta. Signed in Cyrillic. Oil on canvas, 26.5 x 46 cm.

Inscribed ”Alushta” (a town in Crimea) in the lower left corner. On the frame on the left with yellow paint number 26119a and the abbreviation ADM, which means the inventory number of the Alexander Palace Museum, located in Tsarskoe Selo and the former residence of Nicholas II and his father Alexander III. On the back of the painting, the same yellow mark: ”ADM 26119a”.

The inscription on the label: Bogolyubov, Tatar village and the number 131/916/14 – which is the marking of the State Fund Commission (the organization that was engaged in the movement of art objects after the revolution).
The frame with a metal plate marked 12. The frame is identical with other frames used on paintings by Bogoliubov also included in the catalogue of works of art in the Alexander Palace.

Compare with Uppsala Auktionskammare, Important Sale 27-28 May 2005, lot 177; a painting by Bogoliubov with the same frame with a metal plate marked no. 259 and lot 178 in the same sale; a painting by Bogoliubov with the same frame with a metal plate marked no. 258. Also compare with Uppsala Auktionskammare, Important Sale, 2-3 December 2005, lot 74; a painting by Bogoliubov with the same frame with a metal plate marked no. 10.


400.000 – 600.000 SEK
€ 39.000 – 59.000


The Alexander Palace, in Tsarskoe Selo, inv. no. ADM 26119a.
Frey Samsioe (1890‑1972), engineer working at Vattenbyggnadsbyrån (the Swedish Hydraulic Engineering Company) 1912‑1916 and 1919‑1955.


In the catalogue of paintings in the Alexander Palace, a description at number 12: A. Bogolyubov “Alushta” (size not specified).
V. I. Yakovlev, Aleksandrovskii Dvorets-Muzei v Detskom Sele (The Alexander Palace-Museum in Detskoe Selo), 1927. An oil on canvas by Bogoliubov with the title “Tatar Village in Alushta” is listed with the measurements 19 x 39 cm.

In context

Alexei Bogoliubov’s beautiful view from Alushta

The magnificent painting ”Alushta” by the artist Alexei Bogoliubov is a brilliant example of Bogoliubov’s works based on the impressions from his journeys in Russia.

Alexei Bogoliubov (1824-1896) was originally a sailor. In 1841 he graduated from the Sea Cadet Corps and he traveled to various countries and was looking forward to a brilliant career as a sailor. But at the age of 30, he resolutely changed his direction in life and decided to devote himself to art. In 1850 he entered the Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg and graduated with a gold medal in 1853. He was appointed as artist of the Main Maritime Staff.

In 1863, His Highness, the Heir, Nikolai Alexandrovich planned a journey through Russia: Volga, Crimea and Don and Bogoliubov was invited to accompany him. In the book ”Sailor‘s and painter’s notes”, the artist writes about it: ”I first spoke to His Highness, and I felt obliged to ask him what his wishes were and what my duty would be. ‘Do what you want, Alexey Petrovich’, he said gently. ‘You are such an experienced artist that I can not teach you…’. ‘I said that I wished to make an album of all that I would notice, for you, I wish to write to you in oil. The paintings are a number of studies of our towns’.”

The artist made many sketches throughout the journey, enjoying and admiring the beauty of nature which opened up in front of him. During his stay in Crimea, he wrote: ”Life in Livadia was very pleasant. Beautiful nature… soon we left for a trip along the shore, visiting Gurzuf, Massandra, Alupka, Alushta and other charming towns.” Thus we find a proof that Alushta was visited, the beautiful view which is depicted in the painting in this auction.

After the journey in Russia, His Highness Nikolai Aleksandrovich ordered some paintings in 1863. Information about the order is to be found in the ”Catalogue of paintings belonging to His Imperial Highness.” Among the ordered paintings, one painting is mentioned as number 12 called ”Alushta”. The number 12 can also be seen on the unique frame of the painting. Such frames were made especially for the collection of paintings for the Alexander Palace in the Tsarskoe Selo and they can also be seen on other works of the Palace’s collection.

Another indication that the painting belonged to the collection of the Alexander Palace, is the inventory inscription ”AДМ” (in Cyrillic), which means ”Aleksandrovsky Palace Museum”.

The talent of Alexei Bogoliubov puts his masterpieces at the top among Russian Art, reflecting life in all its diversity at the late 19th century. The painting which we are pleased to present is a bright example of the fine Russian Art.

1. A. Bogolyubov. Sailor’s and painter’s notes.
2. V. Yakovlev, Alexander Palace Museum in Detskoe Selo: Decoration.
3. Catalog of paintings belonging to His Highness. (Publication by R. Gafifullin).

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