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Jewellery & Watches

Jewellery is a broad term and includes many different kinds of objects, styles and materials. Usually, jewellery are made of precious metals and are set with pearls, beautiful precious stones and are inlaid with enamel and other precious materials. People have always liked to adorn themselves. The market for these older jewellery is as always good, both for parures as for single pendants or brooches. When it comes to older jewellery from the 1800s and early 1900s, in many cases the Russian jewellery have the highest quality, both in terms of the precious stones as for the craftsmanship. Uppsala Auktionskammare has a focus on the Russian market and has built up a unique group of customers who are interested in these high quality jewellery.

The jewellery market has partly changed in recent years in the sense that it has made room for more modern designers. In the Nordic market silversmiths like Vivianna Torun Bülow-Hübe and Wiwen Nilsson attract buyers with their designs with simple forms and new expressions.

Uppsala Auktionskammare has also several successful sales of pocket watches and wristwatches. Our customer base includes both the initiated collector as the broader audience.

Valuation & Consignment

With years of experience and detailed knowledge of current market trends, our specialists have the authority to give accurate valuations. They will gladly help you with a complimentary valuation without obligation.


Charlotte Elmér


Jewellery, Gemologist, FGA
Phone: +46 (0)720-76 20 30

Clara Kling


Head of Uppsala
Phone: +46 (0)720-71 92 56

Valuation & Selling