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Classic Furniture

Furniture manufactured prior the Swedish termination of the guilds in 1846, is called Classic furniture. The stylistic periods Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo, Louis XVI, Empire and the various international equivalents are all in this category.

Generally speaking, the old furniture and art works that are valuable today, also were exclusive at the time when they were manufactured. Interior design and objects where to reflect a person’s dignity and position in society. Therefore, a large number of exclusive items for the upper class were made.

The guilds made sure that artisans held a consistently high level in their work. Hence a maker’s mark was quite often required and it is through these marks that we today can originate the maker, when and where it was made an in some cases even the quality. Over the years, there pieces of work have spread through inheritance and auctions.

Uppsala Auktionskammare is known to present a genuine collection of old furniture from Swedish private homes at our auctions. In the spring of 2008, Sweden’s most expensive furniture ever was sold at Uppsala Auktionskammare, a unique bureau by Nils Dahlin for SEK 18 million. Uppsala auktionskammare also has several examples of successful sales of furniture made by Georg Haupt, Swedens most prominent cabinet maker of the Gustavian period.

The market for old high-quality furniture is strong today. Uppsala Auktionskammare has many clients all around the world demanding quality furniture and mirrors by: Georg Haupt, Nils Dahlin, Olof Martin, Lorentz Nordin, Gottlieb & Fredrik Iwersson, Gustaf Adolph Ditzinger, Lorentz Wilhelm Lundelius, Jonas Hultstén, Nils Petter Stenström, Christian & Johan Christian Linning, Gustaf Foltiern, Jöns Efverberg, Christopher Tietze Johan Jacob Eisenbletter, Johan Wilhelm Metzmacher, Israel Millman, Mathias Engström, Jacob Sjölin, Nicklas Korp, Nils Asplind, Carl Didrick Fick, Pehr Ljung, Ernst Philip Thoman, Johan Petter Berg, Burchard Precht, Gustaf Precht, Erhhardt Göbel, Johan Åkerblad, Anders Öberg, Samuel Bomanansson, Jonas Frisk, Carl Gustaf Fyrwald, Lago Lundén, Niclas Meunier, Nils Sundström, Carl & Lars Magnus Thim, Anders Hellman, Carl-Magnus Sandberg, Alexander Thunberg, Erik Öhrmark, Melkior Lundberg, Ephraim Ståhl, Johan-Erik Höglander among others…

Valuation & Consignment

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