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Carpets & Textiles

Carpets have been made for nearly 5000 years in all parts of the world. The most common carpets today come mainly from countries in the Middle East and are made in wool but also in silk. It is common to distinguish between hand-knotted carpets from the machine-woven. The hand-knotted carpets are sometimes called “Oriental” carpets, and these have a higher quality and are produced in smaller series, often even unique. Since the Middle ages, these classic Oriental carpets have been very popular and although the market for carpets has had its ups and downs they still have a lasting value. Carpets have historically been a status marker, and still give prestige to a modern interior.

In the recent decades, even the modern carpets have become popular, both in the Swedish and the international market. Among these are our Swedish designers such as Judith Johansson, Barbro Nilsson and of course Märta Måås-Fjetterström. Uppsala Auktionskammare has in recent years made several successful sales both in the department of classical carpets as well as the modern carpets.

Valuation & Consignment

With years of experience and detailed knowledge of current market trends, our specialists have the authority to give accurate valuations. They will gladly help you with a complimentary valuation without obligation.


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Carpets & Textiles
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