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Bidding at our Decorative Sale

– from online bidding to regular saleroom auction

The bidding starts as soon as the online catalogue is published. All bids are visible. You may place bids and participate in this online auction until 10 am auction day. At 10 am the online auction closes and the auction continues as a saleroom auction at our facility at Magasin 1 in Stockholm. After 10 am you may participate in person, by telephone or by live bidding on our website. Please notice that your highest bid from the online auction remains in the regular auction.

When the online catalogue has been published

Online bidding – the auction starts immediately on Internet

You may place bids and follow the auction as soon as the online catalogue is published. Your bids are handled as any absentee bid, that is when we execute an absentee bid on your behalf, we will try to secure the lot for you at the lowest price possible. At 10 am on auction day the online auction closes and the regular saleroom auction begins. Your bids from the online auction will remain in the regular saleroom auction. In order to place a bid at the online auction you need to register as a client. You may place bids directly at the objects in the catalogue or in the form at Register bid at My pages. Please notice that placed bids can not be withdrawn.

When the regular saleroom auction begin

Bidding in person (saleroom)

To bid in person, you will need to register for and collect a numbered paddle before the auction begins. Please remember to bring proof of identity, such as a driver’s license or passport. If you are not already a registered client of ours, we will need bank references and / or references from other auction companies.

Telephone bid

A written request for telephone bidding should not reach us any later than 6 pm the day before the auction. The telephone bidder undertakes to make a minimum bid up to the item’s lower estimate. Uppsala Auktionskammare’s representative will contact you from the saleroom prior to your specified lot and will relay your bids to the auctioneer. For your safety you need to register as a client on our website in order to conduct a telephone bid. Telephone bids can be registered at My pages when you are logged in.

Live bidding (UAK Livebid)

If you are a registered client of ours you may place bids live during the auctions. In order to place a bid you have to login. Through our Live bidding service you may follow the auction on screen via streaming with audio. Each lot are shown on your display and it is easy to place a bid.