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Thinking of selling your art, design or antiques?

Selling at Uppsala Auktionskammare

Easy and rewarding

Uppsala Auktionskammare makes selling your item easy and rewarding. As one of the leading auction houses in Scandinavia, Uppsala Auktionskammare has sold nearly 200 lots that have reached over one million Swedish kronor over the last 15 years. Our successful sales are a result of strong commitment and knowledge from our experts and world leading international expertise.

We provide a service, where our costumers can buy and sell high-quality objects in a simple and easy way through our Important sales and Decorative sales. By focusing on high quality auctions with printed catalogues and the latest technology online, we reach affluent clients around the world.

Personalized service is very important for us and we are always available for consulting, both for consigners and buyers. Over the past 20 years, Uppsala Auktionskammare has built up a strong and repeat clientele through trust and commitment. Our costumers demand a combination of classic antiques and modern design, and therefore our auctions include various departments.

If you have any questions about an item, do not hesitate to contact us for free valuation and consulting.

We welcome consignments