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an important private collection

– including Wesselmann, Christo and Fontana

To be sold at an Evening Sale 9 November at 6 pm at Nybrogatan 20, Stockholm


This private collection is the fruit of a lifetime love for modern and contemporary art. Our parents lived and travelled the world for more than 50 years together, chose art completely by the heartbeat and never fell for pride or the quest of an investment. Their genuine passion for modern art yield them many personal and long-lasting relationships with the artists.

For us children, these relations held a kind of magic, private enough to avoid too much attention but welcoming enough to feel completely natural. Some artists used a whole floor as their in-house studio from time to time. Others, completely considered part of the family, could during dinner endure with a certain serenity our reflections and harsh childish comments on their latest piece…

Our family home was a harmonious mélange of modern and contemporary art in a perfect harmony gracefully blended with antiques and old furniture. Some lunar art walled a curtained valley followed by a resting lady sided only by a pair of damaged eggs. A mix that just happened to be completely balanced, for the soul, for the heart and almost mondain for us children.

Having been blessed by this upbringing we now reflect on the paintings and sculptures that once shaped our family home. The harmony they once created is forever within us. They may now be dispersed and empower others.

– The family


Magnus Bexhed


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Modern & Contemporary Art
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