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Asian Sale 14 June 2024

Pre-registration requirements

Please note that to be able to bid at the Asian Sale you are required to pre-register for this auction and pay a deposit on request. The pre-registration applies to everybody, also already existing clients.

It will not be possible to bid at our Asian Sale without pre-registration. You will need to pre-register and pay a deposit of SEK 50.000 on request to be able to bid at the Asian Sale. This applies to all bidding: online bidding, telephone bidding, all absentee bidding and in-person bidding in the sale room.

All clients must submit a completed pre-registration application form at least three (3) days prior to the start of the auction to be able to process the pre-registration. Uppsala Auktionskammare will NOT be able to accommodate first-time bidders within three (3) days of the auction.

Preregistration can be made at “My Pages” or in person at our Customer Service Desk located at Nybrogatan 20 in Stockholm.

For enquiries please contact: preregistration@uppsalaauktion.se



未通过预先登记的顾客将无法参与亚洲艺术品拍卖。您需要预先登记注册并支付50000 瑞典克朗的保证金, 方可通过以下任何一种方式参与拍卖: 网上竞拍,电话委托竞拍,书面委托竞拍和现场竞拍。
预先登记事项可在’My Pages’ (我的主页)完成,或者您可以亲自在拍卖行大楼里现场进行,拍卖行地址:Nybrogatan 20 in Stockholm.