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Old Master Paintings

Old Master Paintings

Old master paintings includes paintings and drawings from Renaissance to the early 19th century. There are two main categories – the sacred and the profane. Generally speaking the sacred art was more dominant initially, but gave more and more room for portraits, still lifes, landscape, marine, historic and mythological scenes.

Uppsala Auktionskammare have a good international reputation for selling high quality international old master paintings and is the market leader in Scandinavia in this field, having sold several foreign paintings with great success. Including old master paintings by artist such as Pieter Brueghel the elder, Biagio d’Antonio, Pieter Aertsen, Anthonie Verstralen and Lucas Cranach I. Uppsala Auktionskammare has an extensive network of international experts to verify attributions and as reference at consignments.

Swedish old master paintings have also successfully been sold by Uppsala Auktionskammare Important Sales at high prices. The Swedish 18th century old masters such as Alexander Roslin, Pehr Hilleström and Ulrica Pasch are constantly sought after by our clients.

We welcome consignment to our upcoming sales. With years of experience and detailed knowledge of current market trends, our specialists have the authority to give accurate valuations. They will gladly help you with a complimentary valuation without obligation. Please contact:

Julia Unge Sörling
Phone: +46 (0)18-18 35 10
Cronje van Walleghem
+46 (0)18-18 35 15


  • Pieter Aertsen, "The Egg Dance". Lot sold: 8.500.000 SEK.
  • Biagio d'Antonio, Una spalliera: The Battle of Zama, 202 BC. Lot sold: 12.800.000 SEK.
  • Lucas Cranach I, and studio. The agony in the garden. Lot sold: 4.600.000 SEK.
  • Joseph Anton Koch, "View of Vietri". Lot sold: 3.100.000 SEK.
  • Anthonie Verstralen, "Skaters on frozen river". Lot sold: 5.800.000 SEK.
  • Pieter Brueghel the younger, "The wedding in the barn". Lot sold: 18.600.000 SEK
  • Frank Stella, "The Holy Family". Lot sold: 2.000.000 SEK.
  • Lavinia Fontana, Portrait of Costanza Sforza of Santa Fiora (1550-1617), wife of Giacomo Boncompagni. Lot sold: 1.700.000 SEK.
  • Bernard van Orley, The Lamentation at the foot of the Cross. Lot sold: 1.500.000 SEK.

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