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Books, Prints & Maps

Books, Prints & Maps

Older prints and maps are specific collection fields. Uppsala Auktionskammare has a good reputation in the field of prints, maps and books, and we have established an international marketplace for this in Scandinavia. To assist us with attributions, appraisals and valuations of older paintings and prints, we have an extensive network of leading international experts who visit us several times a year.

Large international demand exists for older prints by masters such as Albrecht Dürer, Giovanni Piranesi and Rembrandt.

Our subsidiary in Lund, Crafoord auktioner, is the only auction house in Sweden with defined book auctions with hardcover catalogues. Several international high results have been reached for individual books. Crafoord auktioner is able to handle complete book collections where each book is provided with a comprehensive and descriptive text and images in both print and digital catalogue. Valuation of books is made both at Uppsala Auktionskammare and Crafoord auktioner.

The demand is mainly for older book with original covers and older foreign literature.

With years of experience and detailed knowledge of current market trends, our specialists have the authority to give accurate valuations. They will gladly help you with a complimentary valuation without obligation. Please contact:

Karl-Magnus Törnros
+46 (0)18-18 35 23
Cronje van Walleghem
+46 (0)18-18 35 15